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Get ready for it Guys
Compleatly brand new series starting
Stylish ninja action assasionations, blood, gore, Parkour, And loads More!

Im trying my hardest and putting all my effort into this to try to get a frontpage award!

Wish me luck,



Cant think of idias

2008-10-26 09:16:34 by Icemonkeyjr

I cant think of anny idias for a flash movie that might get me onto the front page, i just got a new tablet to use for my animations but i simply need an idia, im a good drawer aswell, so people tel me

Kill the terrorist

2008-09-05 10:34:24 by Icemonkeyjr

im designing a new kill the terrorist game in wich you choose how the terrorist dies, its going quite well at the moment

Kill the terrorist

The Kill game

2008-08-26 17:49:56 by Icemonkeyjr

im designing a new death choice game, going to be spending a long time on it
i also have myself a little into for my flashes, icemonkey productions

The Kill game


2008-08-14 06:32:11 by Icemonkeyjr

yet again my computer was reaformated and i no longer have flash :(



2008-05-27 05:05:29 by Icemonkeyjr

after my trail ran out(me thinking that i had a serial that worked)
i just decided to bittorant it like everyone els!



2008-04-08 11:16:59 by Icemonkeyjr

after a long period of not having flash ive finally got it back, and this time its CS3 pro, so be expecting a new post soon newgrounders

Fair enough

2008-02-03 07:43:23 by Icemonkeyjr

ok most of you didnt take to kindly to my sick battle animation, im going to edit it make it longer and submit it agen, today

i do try and work very hard on these things, pleese give me credit and if u think its really good recomend me for a stick collection

it would be very apreacated and i will go on the positive comenters acount and wach there submissions and give them credit

Fair enough

adrenilin rush

2007-08-26 12:59:32 by Icemonkeyjr

y did my stick climbing animation get blammed it was good!?